I'm lazy and I have the best job ever.

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  • I wait till the last minute to do anything with a deadline. Things that don't have deadlines I do right away. I always find the easiest most professional way to do things quickly. I've never thought inside the box and always find a creative solutions that solve more than one issue. People run around trying to get stuff done and I'm listening to Korn and reading confessions thinking about hitting up that new babe and since I've already solved all of the problems, I just party until it's crunch time. Then I either implement the solution or give it to some one else, helping their career in the process. I always make sure they think they're the one that found the solution and I only caused a spark of imagination. It's great.

    Lately though, I've learned there is a title bestowed on you, if you fulfill certain criteria, for a lifetime, here where i work. Now I'm not one to toot my own horn but it comes with an extra bonus stipend and a personal parking spot for life too.

    I'm over here like George Costanza leaving that birthday party fire, "Outta my way Grandma".

    Yeah, anyways, it would be cool and I know it's going to involve committee work so I'm pretty sure I'll just keep doing the same thing but to different people that could actually have the same idea. Man, that would be cool. But, there again we would probably come up with a lot of different plans and it end up being like that Simpson's episode with the nerds fighting over what's really the best way. Maybe I'll just sit back and observe offering only token advice and see who Alpha's up.

    Posted 3 months ago

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