Four years of humiliation

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  • For reasons unimportant now I was sent to a live in religious school with 93 other kids, both boys and girls. This was 20 years ago when I was only 12. The next morning after I arrived I was sent to the infirmary where I was given a physical examination. At the time it was the most embarrassing thing I had ever dealt with. The man who examined me was the headmaster of the school. I never knew what sturrups were until that day and never had a man touch my vagina before. Little did I realize that day that the worst was yet to come. As it worked out and I believe all the students were subject to it. I was given a physical every 6 weeks for the next 4 years. I spoke about it with other girls and some of the boys and everyone hated the thoughts of it. We complaied to each other but the rules of that school were so strick we were afraid to say anything. As I progressively developed, my breasts were examined every time and I was always humiliated the most when my feet were placed in the sturrups fully exposing me. My vagina was never penetrated but was opened with their fingers. After the first few exams they began giving me rectal examinations and I was always penetrated for those. I never knew who was going to do the exam because it would either be the headmaster or his assistant. There was a woman there when we first went in to have us undress and put a gown on. Once we were in the exam room we we alone with one of the men. It was bad enough not knowing which one would do the exam but often the other one would walk in as the exam was going on. That only made it more mortifying being naked in front of two men. I live in New York now and about 8 years ago I looked up that school on the internet. It was located 16 miles away from London and I was glad to see that it was closed down in 2004.

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