Husband's Family gives me anxiety

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  • My husband's family has always given me anxiety and every time we have to go down to see them I end up having a huge rant fest before hand about how much of an ordeal it will be. They are all nice people and everything but they have a habit of being very superficially nice and not really caring much past the surface of what you do and how your life is. They are also very christian centered and you can hear their unspoken bias and racism when they speak. It bothers me to sit in a room of people who don't really care about my well being beyond "Hi, how are you" .I have a hard time listening to the things they say to me because I'm too busy thinking about how shallow and self-centered everyone is and that even though I've been with my husband for 7 years, a family member just realized that we met in high school and I'm from the same exact town as they are......they also don't know I'm Pagan. I think their baptist blood would boil if they learned they had a witch in their family.

    Posted 4 months ago

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