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  • I HATE both of my housemates, they are hideous! They are filthy, dirty little grots. One is a stupid, obnoxious yank who just needs to shut the fuck up. She is also a useless fucking drug addict and leaves food in the sink, on the stove, on the bench, and on the table and doesn't clean it up. She shat all over the toilet and didn't clean that either, and left behind her manky hair on the seat. She scratched my pot and has stolen all of my storage containers and even chucked some of them in the bin. When I move out I'm going to tell her to get fucked. She also hangs out with disgusting racists and brings them to the house. Fuck off! The other one I never see in the flesh, only the trail of filth she leaves behind her. She lived here before I ever moved in, and I had to clean up the kitchen to even make it usable - it was covered in dirt, grime, dust, food, and god knows what else for what appears to be MONTHS before I ever moved in. I hate these bitches, I hate living in this house. Fuck it and fuck them.

    Posted 2 months ago

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