weird masturbation habits

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  • Hey, I am a 13 year old boy and I masturbate a lot, sometimes in weird ways. I've seen a lot of sissy porn online and it made me interested, so I've cum on my own face and in my mouth before. I can and have sucked my own dick before. I always swallow my own cum. A lot more often than that, I anally masturbate. In the shower i will clean my ass and then go to town. I use my fingers most of the time, but sometimes I'll put a toothbrush in my ass. Recently, I fit 5 fingers in my ass at once so I was curious how many sharpies I could fit up there. I stuck 6 sharpies up my ass before I couldnt fit anymore in. I fucked myself with the sharpies and it felt sooooo good. Then I got on my back and came in my mouth. The best time masturbating I ever had was when I got on my back, sucked my own dick while I had a toothbrush in my ass and came directly into my mouth. I didnt swallow at first, instead I took the toothbrush out of my ass and put it in my mouth, coated it with cum, and fucked myself in the ass with it. then I swallowed the rest of the cum. Sometimes I will put on my mom's old panties and bras and lengerie and pretend im a girl, and then fuck myself. I am trying to save up money so I can buy a realistic dildo on amazon soon. Idk why, but it felt really good to write this. I'm hard as fuck right now

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