I'm a Muslim and have been exchanging nudes for about 45 days now

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  • Hello, I'm a Muslim, you can call me Liam. I come from a strict religious family, where I have never had a serious relationship, or anything that ever lasted more than one week. My family would completely disown me had they found out I dated girls, even for a few days. I had severe anxiety growing up talking to women and one day I was online on, and met this girl. We talked a bit and I got to know alot about her, shes amazing. She's smart, beautiful and sweet. For the first time, it was easy for me to talk to a girl, I felt like myself. Before that i found it very difficult to talk to women, but women were attracted to me based on my appearance and good self care.

    She made me love myself, she made me love her. We got sexual and started sending nudes, all behind my parents back, we confessed our love to each other and want to meet in real life. I want her. I want her really badly. But it would be me deciding between my family and my girlfriend, and frankly, blood runs deep.
    It hurts me to think that I may have to give her up for my family. But it is what must be done.

    Posted 1 month ago

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