Heartbroken by my parents

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  • Ive been hurt so deeply by the very people who were supposed to protect me from harm and evil. Yet my father perpetrated the harm and my mother let him and defends him to this day. I am grown up now but this pain and the toxicity of the family dynamic does not end. I feel so broken and sad. Somehow I succeed in life, and as such I don't think anyone would believe my true story. They see a happy successful woman in her early 30s. And I am much of the time, happy. I guess I've found strength somewhere along the line in myself and in friends. I closed my eyes tonight, after a tremendous fight with my father (and mom though she was trying to de escalate him mostly) and imagine a world where my mom protects me and puts my health above her relationship with my father -- and my mom tells me she is sorry with true meaning and I walk and hold hands with her. I yearn for that. But in this real world that will never be. I feel so heartbroken by the first people I ever knew in life, who brought me into this world. If you are going through something similar, know that you aren't alone, ok. Thanks for the safe sharing space. <3

    Posted 1 month ago

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    • I sm so sorry that any harm has come to a precious soul like yourself. .. but I can tell you this.. life always gets better

      Posted 1 month ago

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