Harvey Weinstein/Sexual Harassment

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  • This is written shortly after the scandal over movie producer Harvey Weinstein broke in Oct. 2017. A magazine article came out that revealed in print what lots of people were whispering - that old Harvey was making sexual demands on his actresses and had been doing so for decades. And almost instantly, once this was published, everyone and his kid sister had accusations about Weinstein, some going back 30 or more years. I am willing to assume they were all true. And just as instantly, Weinstein, who had made truly great movies and had made great careers for stars, both male and female, was booted out of all the guilds, all his honors and awards were rescinded, his own company banished him, etc. He became less welcome than Typhoid Mary. This was followed closely by a general housecleaning in Hollywood, in which a lot of famous men - producers, directors, actors, news readers - were accused of sexually pressuring young women (or young men), sometimes decades ago, and instantly lost their jobs. This although show-biz generally has been notorious for the casting couch since before Sarah Bernhardt.

    Now I mention this because, instantly the onus was put on men to oust any other man who ever used his influence to gratify his sexual appetite. But I think a good many men had been secretly hoping to acquire some influence so they might have just that option as a perquisite.

    To bring it home, as a confession, I have to admit, without spilling the sort of details that would identify the participants, that I myself used what little influence/authority I might have had to get sex from girls/women, and I entertained thoughts of doing it more of it. The simple fact is, that if I hadn't used that sort of pressure I might well have died a virgin. When I was young, no girl would have looked at me even once, and this improved only a little bit after I got some experience by use of the sort of influence now being widely condemned.

    Now that I am quite old and no longer feel the strong urges of youth, I am deeply ashamed.

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