Careful what u wish for

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  • I went to the park at 3 in the morning as I did often to dress up in my girlfriends panties and jerk off in the night air. It's always dead. So on this night I got the urge, this time I put on these pink and black striped thigh high stockings, pink see though thong and bra under my clothes. Walked around to make sure no commotion. I go to the spot I feel comfortable and take my clothes off. Then I'd play a game where I'd keave my clothes in one spot then walk down to these trees a few hundred feet away and jerk with the idea is be screwed if some girl walked up. I'd have to run to my clothes. So I get down to the trees and by then the brisk air has got me excited. So I squat down and start whacking off then I hear "surprise!" from a group of girls with flash lights on me and on there own smiling faces. As I start running back to my clothes, someone then turns on car headlights on me lights on so it looks like daylight and I can't see shit but like 10 young and 13 year old chicks laughing and pointing at me saying "woo-hoo nice panties!" as I went for my clothes the girls said " we've been watching your routine all summer dumbass!" "everybody in our school has laughed at your little dick in those panties, I'm surprised you hadn't seen it on line yet " all the times I thought no one was watching, how embarrassing this is I'm thinking just get to my clothes before my girl gets home. Then I hear " by the way we got your clothes! " and the girls I recognize now are filming me while trying to pull my panties down, for some reason I'm trying to hold this little pink pair of panties on like it matters . And some reason that turns me on as they laugh at that fact. I finally bust free and run to my house hoping to get in before Katie pulls up. I get to my door and realize my keys were in my clothes. As I'm standing in the yard freaking. My neighbors come outside to smoke. All hot chicks I went to school with. Their door opened so soon I was stuck there as Kayla's drunk ass screams oh my god Brandon what are u doing! As her Amber and Amy were all staring right at my cock of course it gets hard again as they laughed and out come the phones taking pictures now I'm trapped in our duplex doorway with all these drunk girls who know me and would have never imagined me to be wearing cute little panties cause I wasn't gay and no one knew panties turned me on. So I was not only embarrassed at the time but from now on no one could look at me the same without picturing me in a bra and panties. The more they laughed and filmed the more upset I got so I started just jacking off like is this what u want? Then it started feeling so good I didn't care. I closed my eyes as they cheered as I was now spread eagle on the ground about to cum then the fear of how I was gonna feel right after I came. Sitting there looking stupid with a shriveled up little dick laying there in Katie's panties. Oh shit I thought! Katie's panties, I need to..... Too late I open my eyes to see the girl's quiet with Katie standing in the door looking down on me at the exact time I shoot a load. Neighbors go inside. As she just looks at me as I look up with tears in my eyes as I look down and see myself dressed like a little girl. Katie says wow I wish you would have kept your little secret pantie fetish to yourself. Oh my goodness, look at you. I mean I'm not shocked you know shecsaid as we went inside. You went very good at hiding it. I've seen the video Brandon. My heart sank. Yep she said. Why would you record yourself jacking off in my panties not to mention half the girls underwear too. And if I wasn't sure you would try on different panties and look in the camera while saying "Erin's panties" then another pair and say these are that little girl Megan's panties " then the most foul of all the footage, I knew what she was gonna say too. What possessed you too film yourself wearing full lingerie fishnets and all, and then cut in your own face and mouth? So no ones gonna think any different from the rumors that have been flying any way. Damn. [

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