The love of my life

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  • Yesterday the love of my life had found out I had sent some naked pictures to another man. The reason I did this in the first place was because I had reason to believe he was cheating on me, so out of pain and spite I ended up sending pictures to a man I hardly knew. This was over a month ago and he just found them. I’m heartbroken. He said we would try to make it work, but I don’t want to try. I want him to take me in his arms, tell me he forgives me and that we WILL make this work. He has hardly even looked at or touched me since 2:30 am when he found them, even though we are still living together. I’m so scared to lose this man. I literally have no one but him, and he knows this. Part of me wonders if he’s only staying with me because of that and he feels bad. I have not stopped crying for the last 19 hours. I can’t lose him. Plus I have been self harm free for over 2 years, but out of guilt, lack of control and pain a resorted back to my old ways. I’m so broken and scared. I guess at the end of the day it is my fault, but it just hurts so damn bad. Please pray for me.

    Posted 3 weeks ago

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    • You have to understand that it is probably difficult for him to look at you right now. Think about it, you betrayed him and you're the person who trusted the most. He is in a lot of pain right now, and the fact that he said you will try to make it work means hes trying. It seems as if you guys have a lot to talk about and I recommend you do. If you thought he was cheating on you, why didnt you go talk to him in the first place? Communication would have resolved this, AND it still can.
      Please do not self harm. This is not completely even your harm, this was due to a lack of communication between the BOTH of you. It takes two to tango,lol.
      Anyways, please don't lose hope in your relationship and don't give up. Make sure you let your hisband know how much he means to you, and talk about it for as long as it takes. Im sure he doesn't want to lose you as well. And in a relationship, or when dealing with anyone really, think of this, would you like it if your husband had done the same? Don't do things that you wouldn't want other people doing to you. If you are about to do something, for example, send nudes, think about how you would feel if your husband had done the same.

      Good luck, everything will be okay if you both do your best. Don't give up :)

      Posted 3 weeks ago

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