He was the one

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  • I feel I have Noone that can understand how much I fell for him, I saw a future with him. We looked at houses we went on vacations. I saw myself sharing my life with him even if the whole world was against us. He was perfect for me and I had to let him go. He hasn't called in a month and I know he wont. I'm out for destruction to cope with this feeling. I rather feel anything but the pain. I want to hurt anyone that crosses my path. I don't ever want to feel what I felt with him. He was my person he understood me to a level Noone has. . . And now I feel like I'm just out causing as much chaos as I can to avoid the pain. There are nights I can't remember because of all the liquor. . One night stands that don't ever feel satisfying. I feel so lost, so alone but all at the same time I don't want anyone to come near me. I'm screaming inside , he is gone and I don't know what to do. This is not ok, I am not ok and nobody knows.

    Posted 3 weeks ago

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