they FUCKING deserve it

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  • humans are just stupid animals when they fucking shoot each other that's what they FUCKING get they don't give a fuck about other shootings until its them getting massacred like the stupid fucking cows they are i'd love to fucking see them scream the fucking animals they are see them fucking gape open their stupid maws and scream in their stupid senseless rage and gnash their fucking feeders at each other and then just blow their stupid reptiilan brains out fucking machines they dont really give a fuck anyway theyr the ones fucking making jokes about it all the fucking time fucking acting like HTEY'RE not the fucking psychopaths i just wanna eliminate the scum those worthless shitfucks all they fucking do is fucking shove shit in their stupid maws and fuck and shove out more of their stupid selfs only care about their little circle nobody else just trying to fucking reproduce fucking fat fucks love to kick them around like fucking machines they are scream at my tryign to get sympathy but they only fucking care about theirselves dumbases when u kno how fucking programmd an retrded they r it really dosnt tkae much to see em as fuckin flyes n wanna pickem off like em

    Posted 1 month ago

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