Daily Pegging

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  • My friend just quit work. He's changed
    It began when he bought butt plugs and a strap on. The plugs are for him. The strap on is for his wife.
    His giving her sex was reduced to twice a week. She pegs him at least once a day. He's plugged most of the day!
    After months of this he was castrated. I thought this was insane. He said that it is part of his wife's new position in their marriage. His penis is now about an inch he says- a limp little weak inch! To me, this is crazy.
    So now the pegging daily sometimes more. This,
    He quit. She works now! He's become a guy whose life is no place. He's wrapped up in pegging and it's in his thoughts. He can't escape.
    Now I see him once a week or so around town like at the market. I'd say that he's lost 15 pounds and seems nervous. I never see her anymore.
    I say that he's trapped. It's like he doesn't exist anymore. It's like he's her dog. This began with pegging once. I'm not doing that. I'm keeping things normal.

    Posted 2 weeks ago

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    • Maybe you should tell someone who can really do something to help

      Posted 2 weeks ago

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