Chapter of my Suicide Saga: Suicide Strikes again

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  • I have attempted a minor suicide once in my life due to my mom then later attempted a bigger suicide due to not feeling loved accepted or not good enough and I have went through plenty thoughts and realized that I am okay I have not had a suicidal thoughts for 160+ days since my last attempt but I am now at this point where 3rd times the charm because I am feeling so low at life right now and I don't want nothing else to do with my life I am out of strength I am out of self encouragement I am over myself and truly I don't know where else to go I need to start things that are therapeutic for me and things that benefit me because I am no longer me anymore I am now everyone else I am no longer unique I am average and the predictable everyday male there's all these things good to say buy at the end of the day people think I'm dormant but truly I want to kill another person to just take them down with me I cannot wait to die and be rid of this stupid feeling

    Posted 3 weeks ago

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