Chapter of my Suicide Saga: Suicide Seem Sweet

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  • Yes I Am too the Point Of being done I can't Bear to do this Anymore ,Shannon and faithlynn are driving me crazy but I love them also I can't fucking do it she is learning bad lessons and it doesn't nothing and I am literally feeling like walking away from life and jumping from that balcony because I visited that 10 stories again and it seems like a sure death I can't deal I can't continue I am not enough and I will never be enough I no longer need to be on this Earth and no longer need to be in their lives I cannot keep this is up there is no one to help me here and it is literally like me just narrating my own suicide and only for a range of crazy ,bored, and judgemental people to read but who cares if I will be dead I would've left Tonite but I won't be able to get into the building this needs to continue so I can just die please just make it easy I can't do it I can't live with my family I can't love outside of my family and people wonder why I was suicidal Bow it's coming back and there's more to do it for less to live for she doesn't trust me she doesn't think I'm interested in her and it honestly feels like she wants me to die sometimes my grandma has lost hope in me my mom disowns me my aunts are disappointed in me WHY NOT DIE WHY NOT FUCKING KILL MYSELF WHY NOT TAKE THIS WEIGHT OFF MY CHEST WHY NOT JUST BE DONE WHY NOT MANN I literally can't I can't wait till the time I can just get a gun and end my thoughts and pain

    Posted 2 weeks ago

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