dirty secret

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  • I am addicted to any kind of narcotic pills I can get my hands on. I run out of my monthly prescriptions within about a week. I steal pills from everyone! I even steal them from my fiance's parents who need their meds. Sometimes I wonder if I'm with him just because his parents have a steady supply of norco, fentanyl patches, xanax, & Soma because they both have very painful cancer. I have even stolen percocets from my elderly patient and replaced the missing pills with regular tylenol so his family didn't know. He died in extreme pain and litteraly cried because he hurt so bad and would be like "why doesn't this pain medicine work? It hurts so bad!" and I was giving him regular tylenol telling him it was percocet. He had multiple open sores/ulcers/wounds down to the bone. I will steal pills from anyone and I go through people's things looking for pills when I know I could get caught. I've only been caught by my sister when I got in her purse and was in the process of stealing adderal and she came out of the bathroom faster than I expected. She went off on me and told my mom so I punched her in the face and started nasty rumors about her being a drug addict when she's totally not! I am! I know I'll get caught eventually but I don't want to get help. I can't live without feeling high. I'd rather commit suicide.

    Posted 2 weeks ago

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