smoken crystal with friend an his step daughter

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  • my friend asked me over to his place to get high with him smoken meth we were watchn cams an porn we were good a high an horny my cock was ready to blow out of my pants an i could se so was my buddys cock i pull my 7x5in cut hard cock out an started to stroke it he smiled said nice big cock an pulled his out too he was not as big as me 6x2 n cut an hard we we stroken an smoken when his step daughter walked in his room she a yng cute lil red head as green eyes 5'0 90lbs just get her lilboobs an cute lil ass she smiled an said dad you 2 r so naughty lol i tryed to cover up an hide the pipe an meth but she all ready had seen it an said dont cover up i looked at my buddy he just smied aan keep on stroken she asked her dad if she could join us my mouth damn near hit the floor when she sid that an he said sure bby girl she giggled got naked sat down next to me said well load me up a hit please my cock wasnt as hard as i had been as i loaded her a hit up she took 4 big hits said now thats what i like get high with u 2 lol her dad was stroken hard now watchn sum naughty lil yng girl porn she reached over as said let me get that hard for u ok i was so high i just shook my head yes she said u should take all ur clouths off too an started to take my pants an shorts off then my shirt n=my budd was all reddy naked an smilen watchn her an me getn high she started stroken me felt so good too her lil hands going up an down on y cock i took a cpl more hits off the pipe an leaned back to injoy it she was doing a great job when she said i need to suck on it an she went down on me i was rock hard now aan couldnt take it any more an i started to play with her lil boobs an hard nipples she stopped an had my cock in her hand an crawled up on my lap an guided my big hard cock in to her lil tiny smooth pussy she just had the hed in her an was slowly taken a lil more when i grabbed her by the hipps an pushed it all in her she let out a yelp moaned an said omg thats so big let me realax so i can take it good as she did that my cock was pulsesayn in her lilpussy i could barely take it she said ok on started to ride me like a pro i took a few more hits an kissed her deeply each time ge=iven her the hit her dad was now camming us as he stroke his cock sayn thats my girl take his cock all the wy in ur lil pussy she said yes daddy i will it feels so good n is so big an hard i flipped her over an fucked her thatb way for a bit then i said get doggie style for me she did what a hot cute lil ass she had 6oo i slipped balls deep in her she moaned out sying omg omg yes omgn its so good n big i waas fuckn her deep an slow going a bit faster each stroke in her pussy till i was pounding her her lil pussy was dripping wet when i pull all but the head of my cock out of her then back in balls deep she ws so wet i made her lil pussy fart an i luv pussy farts so i kept doing it each stroken in her pussy i was maken her pussy fart she omg ive never done that an an said she was so embarred about it i said dont be bby i luv it an kept it up it was driven me wild i was getn close to cumming so i pulled out to let my cum go back down she asked why i pulled out told her i didnt want to cum yet her dad was still camming us an hard when he put his cock in her mouth i started eatn that lil smooth pussy an tounging her butthole she tasted like sweet honey too she was moaning as she sucked on her step dads cock when i slipped back in her pussy i was poundn her good as she sucked dads cock when i used her juices an sum spit an started to finger her ass i had 2 finger in her when i lubed her lil butthole up really good pulled out of her pussy as it gaped open an farted i pushed my cock up agaist her lil brown eye she was still suck aawy on her dad so i pushed my head in then lil bit further till i was cock an balls deep in that hot pretty lil brown eye thats when i strted fuckn her good she stopped suckn her dad an just kept saying omg omg omg yes i luv ur cock in my virgin ass i couldnt take it any longer even as high as i was i was going to cum i said her dad an her both said at the sme time cum it cum in it fill it full of ur hot big load of cum i screamed out ok an started cumming pumping my load deep in that ass till i had filled it full i pulled out her butthole was so hot as my cumbubbled out an down her pussy lips we fucked an sucked the nite away cant wit to go back an do it again

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