why I don't trust men or women and couples from overseas

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  • number 1 - men have wronged me, most of them don't treat me nice and I think its because I am ugly, not rich and lack education.and my general pointless soggy weetbic personality in a nutshell men only go for money and pretty women. not average girls and I don't want to go out with dirty ugly old farts or young turds like lackinglee!of Ilota.
    I don't trust foreign couples who pretend to be just friends but are playing sex games with everyone around them for thrills and out to steal houses and break up families.

    if a guy is not making is intentions honest and clear then he is not worth it and he aint a man anyway. and his mol is even more dangerous.

    I have found these things out the hard way.

    men are extremely lazy creatures today who want women to do all the chasing and fighting in relationships. they play mind games and to be honest they are just boring.

    men just don't date disability poor girls ok. you just have to accept these things they only mix with their own elites. and your way better off without them.

    that is why I don't want any friends anymore. all my female friends always hurt me, like emma lee getting lackinglee of lota to stalk me. there has to a connection with them and that is fact and no mistaking their abuse.

    I don't deserve this abuse from emma.

    a lot of my femaile friends seem nice ladies when I first meet them but hurt me.

    I don't have the money they do. I don't have the cunning they have. sorry but men just don't like nice average girls who are honest.

    its just the way life is. some of us are just not ment to be allowed to be liked and loved. don't even fight it. most career women are bitches and bossy and don't care about anyone but themselves. and most men are just assholes.

    men used to ignore me even when I was thin or fat. business men my own age rejected me over money and my looks. they are only interested in the glossy image not genuine.

    the odds have always been against me. I guess because I am shy and untrusting, conservative and easily hurt sometimes because I am sensitive person.

    but I have always been left behind. my sister used to leave me behind as a child and if kids bullied me she would just join in kicking sand in my face anyway.

    my sister enjoys seeing these brat neighbors stealing men from me from the baby shows in 2000 rsl.

    at least my therapists know what a bitch my sister is and what a evil rapist ken is and my therapists support me and only me!

    Posted 1 year ago

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