i hate being with you

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  • I hate when i wake up and you make me cry
    I hate how you can do what yoi want when you want but wont let me
    I hate going to sleep next you
    I hate hearing you breathe and eat and talk
    Everything i used to love is now just hatred

    Posted 2 years ago

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    • Be careful, if you hate someone you're with it's gonna be a hard break-up for you. They will never suffer enough for you to be satisfied, you will want to cause them more and more pain and never get over it because you can't help but think they didn't get what they deserve. Trust me I know, what you do is will yourself to not care first, just because you hate them doesn't mean you care. slowly distance yourself from them mentally. Start out small, blow little mind kisses at every person you find attractive, and know that deserve better. You'll start to notice how much more repulsive they are to you. If you don't notice that, you might not be fed up enough...yet. Once you do that the negative energy scale will be more in your favor. Anyway once they can't get you upset anymore, you will be able to think more clearly and make them suffer in a relationship.

      Posted 2 years ago

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