Feel So Alone :'(

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  • I am 15 and I feel so lonely. Every guy who I ever crushed on has not liked me back the same way. I am now in high school, and I am TIRED, of being the type of girl who guys don't like. I don't even try too hard or say anything stupid...people must see me as someone who is meant to be alone. I hope I get married one day. I know I'm young, and my day will someday come, but I want to be in love right now. Y'know?

    Posted 3 years ago

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    • I was there. I didn't have a boyfriend till I was over 20. Now I am nearly 50 and still happily and steadily married and with kids, while most of my more popular friends then are divorcing, cheating, or being cheated upon.
      You aren't alone, you have the most important person in the world at your side: yourself. Be watchful and take care of this person because she needs you. It's her/your time now. Boys that are worth it will come with time.

      Posted 3 years ago

    • You're very sweet, thank you. ;')

      Posted 3 years ago

    • I will remember those kind words when I am feeling down, thank you again!

      Posted 3 years ago

    • I didn't have a boyfriend until my senior year of high school. Then, I only went out with the guy because he was interested in me, not because I was interested in him. He was a really great guy, but 2 years younger and I didn't treat him well. I regret that.

      Stay true to yourself, decide what you want out of life, get it first, then look for the right guy. He WILL be there, at the right time and place, when you are ready. Make a list of "must-have"qualities and don't compromise. Your list should include things like a kind heart, good manners, and other things that are important to you.

      patience. make yourself happy first. make yourself independent. It is so much easier to WANT a man in your life than to NEED one.

      Posted 3 years ago

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