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  • i cheated on my boyfriend, but i really didnt want to. i was staying over at this guys house, and he started sponing me, which i thought could be fine and platonic. after a bit he started stroing my skin, and i trued to block him with my arms from my boobs, which worked for a while, but not forever. when he felt them i completely froze. i was terrified. i dont know why but i couldnt say no, i couldnt move. we hooked up all night because i was too weak and scared to tell him no, and im so ashamed of it. i started hooking up back because i didnt know what else to do, and im so ashamed of myself. i managed to pretend i was on my period so he wouldnt fuck me. i never intended for this to happen. i love my boyfriend beyond anything, and i hate that i was too scared to say no when it came down to something important.

    Posted 4 months ago

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    • That's rape. If you didn't consent he should have stopped. And clearly from your body language you didn't want to.

      Posted 4 months ago

    • That's rape. You hid your boobs and you didn't concretely say 'yes'. That was nonconsensual sex or foreplay or something. You didn't consent. He went ahead. He should have stopped.

      Posted 4 months ago

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