Our long weekend of sex with my wifes lover

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  • Friday night came and my wife tells me we are going to have a weekend visiter, i asked who was coming over and she said her lover. He arrived at 9:00 PM, we sat and had some drinks together. I had to take a piss so i got up and went to the bathroom, when i came back out, my wife and her lover were both naked. I wasnt surprised, however, my wife tells me to come sit by her, so i agreed, but when i got up, so did she and she went between his legs and got on her knees and told me to get down beside her, i did, then my wife grabbed his 10 1/2" limp cock and started to stroke it, i watched and started to get turned on, then she asked me how i would like to get him hard for her, i didnt know what to say, so i didnt say anything, suddenly, she grabs my head and pushes it his cock and told me to suck it while she strokes it. His cock was thick and veiney, hard to get it in my mouth, but i managed, i sucked it for about 2 minutes before i could feel it start to swell and pulsate, suddenly he shoots a massive load down my throat, i had no choice but to swallow all of it, my wife laughed and said thanks asshole, now sit back and watch this, she climbed on top of him and grabbed his still hard cock and guided into her very wet pussy. She fucked him, kissing him telling me she loves him too and asked if i was ok with that, then laughed and said it didnt matter, i was her husband and her cum cleanup man. She pounded him hard and jumped off his cock, squirting from a cock for the 1st time, jumped back on his cock and said to me, this is why i love him too, they fucked until he was ready to cum, he pulls nearly all the way out of her, leaving just the head of his cock in her and blows his load inside of her then pulls all the way out, she jumps off him and lays on her back with legs spread and invited me to clean it up, she had her hand over her pussy and told me to clean his cock 1st, so i grabbed his cock and sucked it clean, then she removes her hand and the cum from her stretched out pussy started running out, i sucked it all out then burried my tongue in her for more until there was none to be found. The next thing i knew, she shoves me off her and told me to lay on my back, i did, then she started sucking my raging hard on, him joing her until i came in his mouth. I got up and went outside for a smoke, when i came back in, he was already hard again pounding her, i walk into the bedroom and wife tells me to let them fuck alone until she calls me in there, i sat in living room listening to them fuck, this went on for what seemed like forever. I was called into bedroom and he had her on her hands and knees and pulled out from her ass, man, her ass was wide open and gushing cum out, she tells me clean up time, so i obeyed, my entire tongue fit in her ass hole it was open that much. I told them both how hot i thought that was, suddenly my wife tells me to get on my hands and knees, i asked why, she said its your turn, i was very nervous but did, suddenly, i was alert to wife lubing my ass up with cold anal eaze, she grabbed his semi flacid cock, rubbing it on my ass, with a sudden but forceful jolt he rammed it in my ass, it hurt like hell for about a minute, then it was not so bad, my wife was jacking my cock while her other hand was around his cock as he was going in and out of my ass, i came 3 times before he pulled out of my ass and finished in my wifes mouth. This went on and on all weekend long, this morning i awoke to her sucking my cock and his cock in my face rock hard, they wanted me to cum in her mouth the same time he came in mine, it worked out nearly perfect, i came just seconds before he did and my wife and i swallowed together. This is going to repeat in 2 weeks. It was hot as hell, now we need to recoup for work tomorrow..

    Posted 4 months ago

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