Only when I see them outside the house

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  • I just turned 17 so its over a year now that I have known the two girls from next door have been watching me shower two or three times a week or more. Sara is 15 and her sister Sally I think is 13. I have been purposely leaving the bathroom window up enough for them to see inside. I know when they are watching me and I intentionally humiliate myself not only by letting them see me naked but also watching me masturbate. I also bend allowing them to see my anal area. Many months ago I began shaving my pubic hair as they watched me. The second I know they are at the window I get an instant hard on. When I masturbate I try to last as long as possible making sure they see me cum. As I do all of this I have no feelings of embarrassment yet when I see them outside I am totally humiliated. They talk to me often and I get so embarrassed I can hardly speak to them. At times I know I am blushing but can't control myself. They have never said anything about seeing me naked but the way they smile at me I know what they are thinking. I avoid them as much as possible but at the same time keep letting them watch me in the bathroom. I usually shower after dinner time and open the window before my shower. I can tell usually when the bushes are moving as they squeeze behind them at the window. I go into the bathroom and with no shame or modesty undress in front of them and often let them see me urinate before getting into the shower. I'm not the least bit shy about anything I do including when I jerk off. When I see them or talk to them its completely the opposite. I don't know why it embarrasses me when they are talking to me. It should be humiliating for me the ways I expose myself to them but its not.

    Posted 4 months ago

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